Bike MS Rider Fundraising Story: Caroline B.

From time to time we like to feature outstanding stories of why people ride. This one’s from Caroline B—a passionate Bike MS Willamette Valley cyclist who rides on behalf of a lifelong friend. 

Why do I Bike MS?

Caroline Kyriakou and I started out as pen pals way back in seventh grade.

We powered through the challenges of adolescence together, comforted by late-night conversations and Tori Amos. But at the age of 26, my good friend encountered an entirely new challenge: multiple sclerosis (MS).

For Caroline, MS has produced a myriad of roadblocks–extensive fatigue, vision abnormalities, and intermittent trouble with walking even short distances.


Pen pals Caroline B (left) & Caroline S (right)

Rather than being overwhelmed, Caroline has decided to do everything in her power to find more effective treatments and a cure.

She leads a Walk MS team, started a support group, writes an online blog about managing through the disease, has been published in three books and even appeared on her local news station to share her story.

Caroline’s relentlessness has inspired so many, including me. Her determination led me to take action. That’s why I joined Bike MS.

Through the event, I met so many incredible people, including those on Team Amulet.

This friendly, generous and dedicated team ride on behalf of their friend Kevin. He’s a husband and father with a gritty sense of humor and a smile that warms your soul, but Kevin faces the unknown. As of now, his body hasn’t responded to any of the available treatments for MS, and that breaks my heart.

Kevin’s mobility is declining rapidly and his future depends on the development of new medications which, as you might imagine, do not come cheap. In fact, research is funded by donations—large or small—from people like you and

How You Can Help Caroline & Kevin

Join me and Team Amulet in supporting the National MS Society as we work together to create a world free of MS.

Any donation—large or small—will help in the fight against MS. I greatly appreciate your support!

Fundraising Tip: When crafting your own Bike MS story, include a strong call to action like Caroline does above. Your network wants to give–you just have to ask.

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