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Bike MS Pedal News 09-15-16: We Are Family

Remember the Saturday Night Spectacular Show when auGi, our emcee, said “Raise your hand if you’re fond of saying, “I may have MS, but MS doesn’t have me”?

Seeing all of those hands go up up in the audience gave me chills. It was so powerful, because I can only begin to imagine the amount of courage it takes to show the world you’re bigger than a disease.

To echo that moment, I was really taken by the story of Joseph and his family, who formed a team to celebrate his brother, Matt. As you’ll learn, Matt clearly lives by the phrase, “MS doesn’t have me.”

All this and more in this week’s Pedal News: Read more…

Adaptive Bicycles: Together, We Move Towards Your Dreams and Aspirations

Different Spokes generously loaned six adaptive bicycles for our Bike MS 2016 I Ride with MS Victory Lap. It was wonderful to see so many impacted by MS—that stole their ability to ride an upright cycle—once again feel the joy and freedom of flying down the road.

Here are a few excerpts from our conversation with Don Smith, co-owner of Different Spokes.

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How to Be a Walk MS Superheroes

Be a Walk MS Superhero with these Power Tips

From sharing their personal stories, leveraging the power of their Walk MS Participant Center, or implementing simple ways to recruit new teammates, learn how our most successful Walk MS participants achieve BIG success and you can, too. Read more…


Our Bike MS fundraising goal this year is $727,000. We’re moving towards our goal, but the only way we’ll blast through it (and PUMMEL MS!) is by raising dollars to find a cure.

If you’re already blowing through your goal, ROCK ON! 

If you’re still working or need a little help to fundraise (or hit your $250 minimum, which is required to ride on event weekend), try this out:

Tell your FB friends why you’re riding, rolling, volunteering, or supporting from afar. Include a pic of the person you’re riding for (even if it’s you), and add your Bike MS Personal Page URL so people can quickly make donations online. The more personal your post, the more friends will want to help. Read more…


Why do we Bike MS?

To show, through the thunderous roar of thousands across the U.S., that WE WILL CRUSH multiple sclerosis once and for all!

So, whether you raise $10,000, $2,500 or $250, every dollar helps us fund cutting-edge research—and gives hope to our friends, loved-ones, relatives and those of us who live with MS—that we will cross the finish line.

As a Bike MS Participant, we know you’re committed to helping us fulfill our mission.

Here are 5 quick tips from Point B team member Paul D. that’ll help you roll towards our (and your) goal, and/or will give your existing fundraising efforts a fresh boost.

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Your Bike MS Participant Center is equipped with online tools to simplify and automate your fundraising activities through email, Facebook and your very own Bike MS web page. Check out these 5 awesome features that’ll make it super easy to get those donations cruising.

1.Reach People Quickly with Pre-formatted E-mails

Import your Yahoo, Outlook or Apple Mail contacts into our safe and secure system*, then send fundraising messages to your friends in a jiffy. You can write your own message or select one of the pre-written options for various topics such as:

  • recruiting people to join your team
  • asking for donations or
  • sending a simple “thank you” message

Tip: Increase your fundraising impact by personalizing your message. Even if it’s a simple “I ride because my brother has MS and I want to end this disease forever” will make a big difference.
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7 Lessons in 7 Years: How to Rock Walk MS

Wondering how to make the most of Walk MS? This article, from veteran Walk MS participant, top fundraiser and team captain, Jim Fairchild, should give you PLENTY of good reasons.

1. Action Kills Fear

I just learned this quote recently and have applied it to just about everything in my life. If for any reason you’re nervous about doing the walk, then sign up and put it on your calendar. I know you will be amazed at what happens next.

2. Support Awaits

I find comfort in the fact everyone around me at Walk knows I have MS—I don’t have to fake or hide anything. This awareness supports me in my journey as do the zillions of people from the MS Society, my family and friends, and the people I meet at Walk MS. If you ever think you’re alone with your MS, then come to the walk and learn otherwise!
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How to Turn Your Walk MS Participant Center into a Fundraising and Communications Machine

Your Participant Center is equipped with online tools to simplify and automate your fundraising activities through e-mail, Facebook and your very own Walk MS web page. This step-by-step guide shows you how.

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Need Help with Bike MS? Our Staff is Here for YOU.

On behalf of all of us here at the Oregon Chapter, we totally appreciate your efforts, regardless of the amount of money you raise or the number of people who join you at Bike MS. Every single contribution makes an impact in our goal to defeat MS and your role in that effort matters to us so much. We can’t thank you enough!

Since we know it can be so time consuming to grow your teams and raise money, we wanted to share a few ways that our staff can directly help you in your awesome efforts. Whether it’s working with you to draft an email to your friends, brainstorm ideas for a live event, or update your personal Bike MS web page, we’re here for you. And we mean it.

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Bike MS Fundraising Idea: Host a Pub Party

Hosting a fundraising event at a local establishment is both good for the community and The Cause. And you’d be surprised at how many businesses will welcome new customers.

For example, Team Amulet is running its fifth annual Bike MS fundraising night at Journeys in Multnomah Village.

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