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How to Be a Walk MS Superheroes

Be a Walk MS Superhero with these Power Tips

From sharing their personal stories, leveraging the power of their Walk MS Participant Center, or implementing simple ways to recruit new teammates, learn how our most successful Walk MS participants achieve BIG success and you can, too. Read more…

Andrea’s Walk MS Superhero Tip #1: 3 Easy Ways to Raise $$ Before (And After) Walk MS Event Day

We know our goals are BIG, but we also know this: by working together, we’ll march past our goal and crush MS once and for all.

So, if you’ve raised funds to help us find a cure, rock on.

If you’re still working on it or need a little help, here are some super easy tips to bring in the bucks by event day.
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Andrea’s Walk MS Superhero Tip #2: 6 Easy Ways to Fundraise through Facebook

I was digging through our blog and found this post by one of our former interns, Courtney. It’s so good and still totally relevant. I just HAD to share it with my Walk MS peeps! Enjoy.


Do you spend half your life updating your Facebook status with never-ending cooking disasters, or is that just me?

Despite what you may believe, social media CAN be used for good (it can!), like raising funds for Walk or Bike MS. And, when you combine Facebook with email or your Participant Center, the potential to reach your friends and family—plus make new connections—increases dramatically.

Here are 6 ways you can tap their combined power to rock your donations.

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Andrea’s Walk MS Superhero Tip #3: 3 Easy Ways We Can Lift You Higher

Since we know it can be time-consuming to grow your teams and/or raise money, here are three ways our staff can help you raise funds.
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Andrea’s Walk MS Superhero Tip #4: Share Your MS “Scene”

Every year at Walk MS I hear so many stories that warm my heart and give me hope.

This year, I want to hear your story. I want to know what inspired you to join Walk MS. After you write it, will you do me a huge favor? Post it on your Walk MS personal page. Share it with your friends. Tell them on Facebook, through email, or send along a snail mail letter and include a link to your Walk MS donation page so we can inspire our community to take action.

To help shape your own, I asked our Chief Storyteller at the Chapter to give me a few tips. He spent nearly a decade in Hollywood writing, producing and performing in hundreds of shows—and incorporates the story of his Mom, who lived with MS for 34 years, into his personal fundraising for the Society.

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Andrea’s Walk MS Superhero Tip #5: The ABCD’s of Fundraising

Why do we Walk MS? To show, by the sheer force of hundreds of thousands of passionate people across the country, that WE WILL CRUSH multiple sclerosis once and for all. And the only way we’ll do that is by funding cutting-edge research to find a cure.

So, whether you raise $10K, $500 or $35, every dollar brings us closer—and gives hope to our friends, loved-ones, relatives and those of us who live with MS—that we will accomplish this big, bold, world-changing mission.
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Andrea’s Walk MS Superhero Tip #6: Get the Funds Rolling in via Email

You joined Walk MS so we know you’re committed to helping us fulfill our mission: a world free of multiple sclerosis. The only way to fulfill that mission is by raising funds to find a cure.

I know asking your friends or co-workers to donate might feel scary. Believe me, I understand. I used to be nervous about it, too. But over the past few years, I’ve overcome my own reluctance by just asking, making it fun, and learning from other fundraising pros in our Chapter.

This week, I’m super thrilled to share 5 simple ideas from across the aisle—from one of our top Bike MS fundraisers. They were so good, I just had to share them with my Walk MS peeps!
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Andrea’s Walk MS Superhero Tip #7: 3 Easy Ways to Get New Team Members

Whether you’re the captain or a team member, helping your Walk MS team grow is easier than you think. And the bigger your group, the more fun you’ll have on event day. Plus, you’ll make even greater impact on the road to defeat MS.
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Andrea’s Walk MS Superhero Tip #8: Start with a Self-Donation

Q: What’s the fastest, easiest, most awesome way to kickstart your Walk MS fundraising?

A: Make a self-donation.

On average, Walk MS participants who make a self-donation outraise their peers by a whopping 480%.
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