Doug the Pug’s Fundraising Snack of the Week (from Bob Harmon, Captain of Bike MS Utah’s #1 team)

RUFF! “Ask! It sounds so simple, but a lot of people hesitate to directly ask for a donation. They might feel it’s too personal, or fear it will hurt relationships. We all have reasons to be scared of asking… but they rarely reflect what actually happens when you ask.

It’s amazing when you start talking with someone about MS and then someone sends you a check for three grand. You never know who might want to give and is just waiting for you to say something. You just have to ask. You have to get it out there.”

Big thanks to Mr. Harmon for sharing that tasty snack.


P.S. I’m looking for new fundraising snack ideas. If you have one to share, please email me (I also accept gift cards so I can buy a new doggy sweater).

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