Good Egg


Introducing the “Good Egg” Project: Marketing + Content that Matters


Whether you’re a student looking to dip your toes into social media, a freelance designer thirsting for projects with deeper meaning, an agency who wants to give back to the community, or a well-established creative who wants to squeeze a little more from the “work that matters” orange, we’ve got the zing for you.

Powered by an elite team of volunteers and interns, Good Egg will support the marketing efforts of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Oregon Chapter.

Our Goals

  • Drive awareness, participation, and fundraising for all events
  • Generate greater visibility of the NMSS in our community
  • Help build a Volunteer Army (of which Good Egg will play a vital role)
  • Foster deeper connections with MS ambassadors, influencers and mavens
  • Create and share stories that move mountains and minds

What You Can Expect

  • Work on real, meaty marketing campaigns for a great cause
  • Play across platforms (mobile, web, email, print, social, blog, live events)
  • Collaborate with super creative, smart, fun people who like to laugh

How We Work

We’ll meet twice a month at the NMSS Oregon Chapter office in Portland to review completed tasks, forecast and assign upcoming projects, and brainstorm killer campaigns. We call this process The Scramble—a project management system designed to break campaigns down into their simplest parts and help creative people get stuff done.

We’ll communicate as a team throughout the course of The Scramble using Basecamp—on online project management tool—to make sure everything’s on track and to ensure you’re fully empowered to complete your tasks.

Where You’ll Work

Good Egg is a virtual agency. So you’re welcome to work wherever is most convenient (home, your office, coffee shop, in a tree fort). If you need access to a computer and internet access, you can pop by our office. Just schedule in advance to ensure there’s an available station.

What Tools You’ll Need

Depending on your role, Good Egg volunteers should have their own:

  • Laptop or desktop
  • Internet access
  • Mobile phone
  • MS Office
  • Adobe Creative Suite (required for designers)

The Commitment

With so many projects in the hopper, Good Egg volunteers will work anywhere from three months to a year. It all depends on your availability, when you join, what project you’re assigned, and how much fun you’re having.

  • 3-month minimum
  • 2-10 hrs/week (varies by role)
  • Attend our bi-weekly team meeting
  • Be in regular communication with the project manager/team
  • Work remotely or in our office when available

**If you or your agency is available only for a one-off project, we’re happy to entertain that relationship, too.

The Good Egg Personality

  • Smart, creative, talented, ambitious, passionate
  • Inspired sense of humor
  • Willing to rock whatever needs to get done
  • Flexible, free-thinking, innovative
  • Wanna break out of the status quo
  • Feel you were born to do something BIG
  • Super organized, easy to connect with, deadline-driven
  • May or may not have a direction connection to MS (what matters most to us is that you care deeply about your work)
  • Nice 🙂

Sound like a fit? Then check out our current volunteer and intern openings below. If there’s a role you feel destined to do but isn’t listed—or you’re an agency who’d like to participate in the program—shoot us a note and tell us more. We’re always on the lookout for more Good Eggs.


Current Good Egg Volunteer + Internship Openings

Project Manager – You’re a master organizing multiple campaigns, deadlines, resources and schedules. And you do it with panache. You’re probably well-connected in the Portland creative community, too, which means you know who can help us do X, Y or Z at the drop of a dime. We use Basecamp to manage our projects, so you should be comfortable with the tool (or willing to learn it—it’s super easy). Also—you’re probably really patient with Creative Directors who make random robot noises.

Time Commitment: Ongoing (6-10 hrs/wk)
*Add’l time up-front to help us get organized
Number of volunteers needed: 1
Location: Remotely/Chapter Office

Jr. Marketing Manager – You’re the go-to for everything from writing, formatting, generating lists and scheduling email campaigns; making website updates in CMS; graphic production; building Google Analytics and social reports; coordinating content for newsletters and campaigns. Confident using InDesign and Photoshop; basic HTML; familiar with SEO best practices; know how to work in enterprise-level email management systems AND and appreciate (but not necessarily like) donuts. Donuts are good.

Time Commitment: 6-12 month internship (10-20 hrs/month)
Number of volunteers needed: 1-2
Location: Remotely/Chapter Office

Social Media Powerhouse – If you LOVE Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, prepare to spark goodness. You’ll work with our Marketing Director to plan, write and schedule posts across multiple social channels, help build our fan base, blog, manage monthly reports, and live tweet/Instagram at our events. You probably also appreciate dogs. Dogs, according to Mark Twain, are nice. We agree.

Time Commitment: 6 month internship (2-3 hrs/wk + extra during event season)
Number of volunteers needed: 1-2
Location: Remotely/Chapter Office

Website Manager – Are you a CMS geek? Sweet. You’ll dig in to our new CMS system (and new website launching in February) to help manage chapter site updates, format text and images, and ensure our content meets organization-wide standards. You may also help format our email campaigns (that are often buggy and need a little HTML tweaking). Basic Photoshop skills, HTML and troubleshooting code a must. Love of donuts optional.

Time Commitment: Ongoing (6/hrs week)
Ongoing (2-4 hrs/wk)
Number of volunteers needed: 1-2
Location: Remotely/Chapter Office

Production Designer – Do you thrive designing posters, newsletters, Facebook promos and web graphics? Feel comfy updating templates and tracking down compelling photos? Excellent. Support our cause with your awesome design chops. Must have solid skills in Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. You score bonus points if you know the name of Van Halen’s guitar player.

Time Commitment: 3-6 months (15-20 hrs/month)
Number of volunteers needed: 1-2
Location: Remotely (you own the latest version of Adobe Creative Suite)

PR Chef – If you have at least 3-5 years experience in PR, we have a sweet volunteer opportunity for you. Work with our Marketing Director to develop a channel plan, write press releases and articles, and help communicate the wealth of programs and services we provide to the community, as well as our outstanding events. May believe in unicorns.

Time Commitment: Ongoing (15-20 hrs/month)
Number of volunteers needed: 2
Location: Remotely/Chapter Office

Super Blogger/Writer  – Do you LIVE to write? Actively blog? Want to build or expand your writing resume? We’re seeking ambitious, community-focused content creators to contribute regularly to our blog and quarterly MS Connection newsletter. Articles range from personal interviews, event recaps and programs and services updates. You might also do the occasional newspaper or magazine article. PS> Who’s your favorite author? Include their name in your submission, along with 3 good reasons why.

Time Commitment: Ongoing (10-15 hrs/month)
Number of volunteers needed: 2
Location: Remotely/Chapter Office

Editor in Chief – With so many words floating around the Good Egg universe, we need someone with a spectacular hawk eye (not to be confused with the character in M*A*S*H) to keep us honest. You’ll ensure our work adheres to NMSS brand guidelines, is clear-cut and impactful, and that our voice is consistent across all media. If you enjoy blogging, writing articles or have a penchant for whale watching, that would be like, awesome or something.

Time Commitment: 3-5 hrs/week
Number of volunteers needed: 1
Location: Remotely/Chapter Office

Video Producer  – You’re a born storyteller and love it all—from developing and/or collaborating on scripts, shooting footage, finding just the right soundtrack and pulling it all together in Final Cut. At Good Egg, you’ll produce event story sound bites, promos, campaign spots and personal client stories. Must own or have access to a high quality HD cam, have a keen ear for recording/editing audio, rock razor sharp edits on Final Cut Pro, and know your way around YouTube. 3+ years editing experience required. Bonus points for inventing a way to send a French Cruller by email.

Time Commitment: 6-12 month internship; we’re also open to project-by-project work
Number of volunteers needed: 1
Location: Remotely/Chapter Office


Please email:

  • A short, mind-blowing cover letter
  • Your resume
  • What role you’re applying for and
  • (3) samples of work relevant to the role

Zip and send files to:

auGi Garred
Marketing Director + Good Egg Creative Director
National MS Society, Oregon Chapter

Thanks for checking out The Good Egg Project. A program of the National MS Society, Oregon Chapter.