Meet the Staff: Hogan Sherrow

Our new Southern Oregon Community Development Specialist

Hogan grew up in Rogue River, attended the University of Oregon, spent time teaching at Southern Oregon University, and is thrilled to be back home, making a difference in the communities he grew up in. “I’ve lived all over the country, and spent a lot of time outside the U.S. I love Southern Oregon. There’s no place like home.”

For Hogan, MS is personal. His older sister was diagnosed as a child.

He grew up feeling helpless as doctor after doctor told his parents “there was nothing that could be done” for his sister, while her condition continued to worsen. Now, his strong bond with his sister drives his work at the Chapter.


Before coming to the National MS Society, Hogan spent years teaching at the college level and studying chimpanzee behavior in the wild.

“I am probably the only community development specialist at the society who has helped communities get access to resources and been charged by elephants on more than one occasion.” Hogan knows his background as a researcher and educator is a great asset for Southern Oregonians living with MS, and is thrilled at the chance to connect with individuals and groups in the area.

One of the most challenging aspects of MS is its unpredictability.

“In science, we try to control for as many variables as possible, and we strive to make things as predictable as we can,” Hogan says. “Advancements in MS research are so challenging, in part because every person living with MS is impacted differently.”

Hogan sees his ability to understand the science and fill in gaps as a key to helping Southern Oregonians living with MS get access to the services they need. While understanding the science and communicating it’s complexities in an accessible way is important, Hogan knows that human connections—and a deep dedication to wiping out MS—are the most important tools he brings to the job.

There’s still a long way to go, but Hogan sees an end in sight.

“The progress made over the past twenty years in MS research is phenomenal,” Hogan says. “The advancement in our understanding of MS, and the treatments now available mean that those living with MS, and those diagnosed in the future, have the opportunity to live full lives. It’s an honor for me to work with those folks and help them get access to the knowledge, treatment and services they need.”

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