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An Open Letter to our Oregon Chapter Volunteers in honor of National Volunteer Week

To our esteemed volunteers, with much appreciation:

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” Margaret Mead

The first time I read this quote it brought me to tears; not necessarily because of its eloquence but because of its simplicity.

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Amy’s Bike MS Fundraising Tip of the Week: 8-21-14


Many people think, because the event is over, that the fundraising is done too. That’s not the case. Inspire people by telling them how awesome Bike MS was and how you want to help fund a cure.

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Amy’s Bike MS Fundraising Tip of the Week: Double Your Dollars with Company Matching Gifts Programs.

During our Saturday night Bike MS program, Brie Stoianoff shared how she leverages matching gifts as part of her post-event fundraising tactics. There are thousands of companies that will match the donations made or raised by employees. Some offer 1:1 matches, 2:1 matches and even 3:1 matches!

Check out the Employer Matching Gifts database for your company. Or, you can simply contact your HR or Community Relations department.

Guest Blog: 4 Steps to Capture Matching Gifts and Beat MS

If you could double your fundraising dollars without having to ask another person to give, would you do it? In this quick how-to guide, our 2013 Bike MS #1 fundraiser, Brie Stoianoff, shows you how. 

4 Steps to Capture Matching Gifts and Beat MS

If you could double your fundraising dollars without having to ask another person to give, would you do it?

In this quick how-to guide, our 2013 Bike MS #1 fundraiser, Brie Stoianoff, shows you how.
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The Bike MS 2014 Totally Rad Fundraising Contest

Our friends at Western Bikeworks are giving away a $500 gift certificate to one motivated Bike MS participant. And get this—they’re extending their Bike MS discounts, so your $500 will go a long way for:

  • Parts for bike fits – 30% off through August 31
  • Bike fits – 50% off through August 31
  • 15% off retail on everything except bikes – all year
  • 50% off labor all year

Discounts apply for both in-store and online purchases.

How the Contest Works

Every new $100 you raise between Monday, August 11 and Sunday, August 31 gives you an entry into the contest (i.e., $100 = 1 entry; $400 = 4 entries, etc).

The action starts Monday, August 11. So get those dollars rolling in to win!

*Discounts not applicable to bicycles.


Contact Amy Harris
Bike MS Manager
National MS Society, Oregon Chapter

Raise Funds by Raising Hope


Do you remember our Saturday night program panelist, Chris Crawford? Last year, he sent a letter to help raise $37,000 in the weeks following Bike MS weekend.

By following Chris’ lead, you can jumpstart your fundraising and help those who live with multiple sclerosis. And as much as we’d love for everyone to raise $37,000, we don’t expect it. In fact, if everyone raised $1000 or more, we’d blow past our goal.

Keep in mind — it takes more than a letter. As Chris told us at Bike MS, you need to follow up. But by starting with a deeply personal, heartfelt note — even one that’s short and sweet — you’ll be on your way.

BTW — If you need assistance crafting a message, give us a shout.

Chris Crawford’s Post-Bike MS 2014 Letter
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Bike MS 2014 Weekend Event Info


  • Bike MS contacts
  • An important note about your $250 fundraising minimum
  • Bike MS weekend schedule
  • How to use your wristbands, bibs and ID number tags
  • Weather forecast
  • What if it rains?
  • Camping, RV or housing?
  • Where to park
  • Driving directions
  • Site and Route maps
  • Bike MS safety policy
  • Personal SAGS
  • Route support & mechanical breakdowns
  • What to do in case of emergencies
  • Your emergency contact info
  • Rest stops
  • Planning tips
  • Team Tent qualifiers
  • Bike merchandise
  • Event photos and sharing
  • Bringing friends and family
  • Lost & found
  • Sponsors
  • Bike MS FAQ page

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Join the Fight with Ann

Meet Ann Griffin, 46.

She’s a Community Consultant, a fan of Arrested Development and loves mashed potatoes. In addition, she’s joining us again at Bike MS Willamette Valley for a very powerful reason:

“I am healthy because of the people who have worked in the past to fight MS—to find a cure and to help those with the disease. This is my small way to help and to be a part of the fight.”

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“I Want a Red Schwinn, Dad!” Fundraising Contest for Bike MS


What better way to celebrate our 30th anniversary then go WAY back in time—when we were too young to afford our own bicycle and had to beg our parents to buy us one.

Do you remember?

Our Chapter’s Marketing Director, auGi, sure does.

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1. Update Your Personal Web Page

We’ll help you craft a short, compelling paragraph that talks about your connection to Bike MS, why you’re riding, and even select the perfect photo to compliment your story. We’re also happy to take whatever content you have and build the page on your behalf.

To access your personal page, login to and visit your Participant Center.

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