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Bike MS 2016 Event Weekend Info and Ride Guide

Bike MS kicks off Friday, August 5 at 5:00 pm! To make sure you’ve got everything covered, please review this post and download a copy of the Bike MS 2016 Ride Guide.

The Ride Guide includes:

  • Bike MS weekend schedule
  • Driving directions
  • Route maps
  • Rider Village and campus maps
  • Weekend entertainment & field trips
  • Family food & beverage info
  • And a whole lot more

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Bike MS: New Route Markers & Signage for 2015

Route Marking at Bike MS

All routes will be marked with orange laminated signs with a large arrow on them. Examples of the signage will be at the start line.

Along the route, each turn is marked:

  • In Advance: The arrow signs will be posted along the route in advance of each turn (the more difficult a turn, the more signs)
  • At the Turn: An arrow at the turn
  • After the Turn: An arrow following the turn indicating you are on the route

Plus, in between turns we periodically place arrows at road crossings and other intersections to give you the confidence that you’re still on the route (always a good thing).

Route S​plits

We take special care to make sure you choose the correct route while riding. Look for these three signs posted on A-frames:

  2. CHOOSE YOUR ROUTE – Each sign indicates route distance, plus a directional arrow for which way to go.
  3. YOU ARE ON (Insert Route) – This sign will confirm which route you have selected.

Note: We do close routes so everyone can finish on time. Signs will be posted at splits indicating if a route has closed, and which direction to head to the finish.

All routes use the same color arrows, so once you pass a split or rejoin a shorter route, just follow your color.

Day 1 vs Day 2 Route Markings

The same route arrows are used for both days of the event. We’ll remove any overlapping signs. When you start on Day 2, simply follow the same signs for the route and at route splits.


It’s gonna be a FANTASTIC ride! See you this weekend.

Pedal on,

Amy Harris