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Bike MS Pedal News 09-15-16: We Are Family

Remember the Saturday Night Spectacular Show when auGi, our emcee, said “Raise your hand if you’re fond of saying, “I may have MS, but MS doesn’t have me”?

Seeing all of those hands go up up in the audience gave me chills. It was so powerful, because I can only begin to imagine the amount of courage it takes to show the world you’re bigger than a disease.

To echo that moment, I was really taken by the story of Joseph and his family, who formed a team to celebrate his brother, Matt. As you’ll learn, Matt clearly lives by the phrase, “MS doesn’t have me.”

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Bike MS Pedal News 09-08-16: “It Felt Like Such Unity and Such a Force”

We all ride for different reasons, but we share a common goal: a burning desire to #endMSforever.

In her inaugural year at Bike MS, Clarisa was not only motivated to raise funds to help find a cure for herself—but to ensure a safe, MS-free future for her kids. I know that’s a mission we can all get behind and hope you’ll read and share her wonderful story.

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Doug the Pug’s Fundraising Snacks: Have You Tried Fundraising with the Free Facebook App?

Ruff! This cool app installs in just a few seconds on your Facebook page. It empowers your entire Facebook network to donate directly to you. Fundraising has never been quicker or easier.

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 2.08.09 PM

Download the Fundraising with Facebook app.



PS. Bonus tip: After someone has made a donation, thank and tag them on Facebook. It’s such an easy way to make them feel good about supporting our cause. I may also wag my tail. Ruff!

Doug the Pug’s Fundraising Snack: Turn Your Facebook Cover Image into Your Bike MS Story

Ruff! Share a photo from this year’s Bike MS ride. If you didn’t have the chance to take a selfie, check out our Flickr albums – there’s a good chance we did! Then, tell people why you care about ending MS forever. The more personal you make it, the more impact it will have.

Example: I’m riding for my Mom who lives with MS. The disease may have taken away her ability to move, but it hasn’t changed how much she cares about our family. Join me in supporting my Mom through Bike MS. Make a donation of $35. It only takes a minute.




Bike MS Pedal News 09-01-16: Superman is Here

This week, I’m thrilled to share the story of Christina, who rides on behalf of her uncle David. MS may have impacted his speech and movement, but it hasn’t taken away his sense of humor (made even more apparent by Christina’s Bike MS team name).

All this and more in this week’s Pedal News.
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Bike MS Pedal News: August 18, 2016

More pics, great stories, last chance to register

Q: You know what’s great after Bike MS weekend?
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Doug the Pug’s Fundraising Snacks: Turn Your Email Signature into a Fundraising Reminder

Ruff! Those good humans at Bike MS think of everything, including this super neat way to add a custom graphic to your emails that shows how much you’ve raised and your goal—with a direct link to your donation page.

Here’s how the signature looks. Pretty sweet, eh?

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 2.34.14 PM

Login to your Bike MS participant center to learn how to add the signature to your emails. The information is towards the bottom of the landing page.



PS. I’m listening to Rush right now. Can you believe it?

Doug the Pug’s Fundraising Snack of the Week (from Bob Harmon, Captain of Bike MS Utah’s #1 team)

RUFF! “Ask! It sounds so simple, but a lot of people hesitate to directly ask for a donation. They might feel it’s too personal, or fear it will hurt relationships. We all have reasons to be scared of asking… but they rarely reflect what actually happens when you ask.

It’s amazing when you start talking with someone about MS and then someone sends you a check for three grand. You never know who might want to give and is just waiting for you to say something. You just have to ask. You have to get it out there.”

Big thanks to Mr. Harmon for sharing that tasty snack.


P.S. I’m looking for new fundraising snack ideas. If you have one to share, please email me (I also accept gift cards so I can buy a new doggy sweater).


We’re moving towards our $826,000 goal, but the only way we’ll blast through it (and PUMMEL MS!) is by raising dollars to find a cure. So, if you’re already blowing through your goal, keep rockin’.

If you’re still working or need a little help to fundraise, here are some super easy tips from my friend and rockstar Walk MS Manager, Andrea, to bring in the bucks.
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As a Bike MS participant, I know you’re fully committed to helping us fulfill our mission–to #endMSforever. And we know, the only way we’ll get there is by raising funds to crush the disease.

Here are 4 quick tips to kickstart your fundraising and/or give your existing fundraising efforts a fresh boost.

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