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Bike MS Fundraising Story/Letter: We Are Family

Someone once said, “When one person in your family lives with MS, your whole family does.” That means we support each other through both thick and thin—like Joseph and his family do for his brother, Matt.

Here’s his Bike MS fundraising letter/story. Feel free to use it as a template to guide your own.


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Crank Up Your Donations with Amy’s Bike MS Superstar Tips

If you’re a first-time rider looking for easy ways to kickstart fundraising—or you’re a veteran seeking fresh ideas—these tips will get you rolling.
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Doug the Pug’s Fundraising Snacks: Tag Your Donors on Facebook to Spread the Goodness

RUFF! Anytime you get a donation, thank and tag your friend with a quick wall post. It’s an easy way to recognize your friends (everyone loves recognition). It also generates more awareness of our shared mission with your friend’s community.

Example: “My good friend Dutch Barker, who I haven’t seen since high school, just donated $35 bucks in honor of my Mom who lives with MS. Thank you, Dutch, for bringing me closer to my Bike MS goal…and a world free of MS.”



P.S. Can someone please scratch my noggin? I can’t reach it with my tiny paws.

Doug the Pug’s Fundraising Snacks: Thank Your Donors Immediately

RUFF! My pal J.R. says, “No matter how big or how small, their donations are incredibly generous (BTW – “generous” is a powerful word to use when thanking donors). If thanking via email, use the Thank You template available on your Bike MS participant center and personalize your message. Let people know how much you appreciate their contribution and how it’s helping you to reach your goal.”



P.S. I wish J.R. would send me a gift certificate to the Dawg Spa. I need my nails trimmed.

Doug the Pug’s Fundraising Snacks: If You Don’t Feel Comfy Asking for Donations, Tell Your Story Instead


Jump on Facebook and talk about why you joined the cause – whether it’s to support a friend, loved one or even yourself.

As many humans have learned, just sharing the “Why I Bike MS” is enough to start a bigger conversation that will lead to friends joining their teams, volunteering and making donations.

However you frame your story, make it personal.

Okay. Got to go. Mom says the neighborhood possum stole my chew toy (again).



P.S. I just read Tolstoy’s War & Peace. Time for a year-long nap.

Doug the Pug’s Fundraising Snacks: Ask for a Specific Donation Amount

RUFF! According to my pals over at DonorDrive, if you ask for a $20 donation, research shows you’re more likely to get $20 donations than $5 and $10 donations.

So, ask for $1 MILLION DOLLARS! Aha!!

Or maybe just $100,000. 



P.S. I like bongos.

Doug the Pug’s Fundraising Snacks: Start with a Small Goal and Up the Ante(lope) as You Go

RUFF! Launching your personal fundraising at $250 is way easier than starting with $10 million.

So, login to your Bike MS participant center > enter a goal you know you can attain > then when you reach that number, raise the woof.

Get it? I just said “woof.” I’m very smart for a pug who lays around all day snoring.

Ok. Time to go. Mom says it’s time for supper.



P.S. I am so gonna raise $10 million…. [DOUG FALLS ASLEEP AGAIN]

Doug the Pug’s Fundraising Snacks: Catch the Squirrel

RUFF! When your fundraising page says “$0 RAISED,” it might scare off the neighborhood squirrel who wanted to give.

Here’s a great tip I’ve learned (and based on our research, will likely increase your overall fundraising by 3.5x): start off your fundraising with a personal donation. It shows you care, and it instantly changes that $0 to $35 (or more).

How: Login to > Sign in to your participant center > Make a personal donation.

Speaking of squirrels…have you seen any? I’m hungry.



Doug the Pug’s Fundraising Snacks: You Won’t Get What You Don’t Ask For

RUFF! I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but I am a pug. Pugs like treats. And the way we get treats doesn’t have to involve sneaking up to the table and grabbing your bacon burger (though I do love bacon). It’s actually through smiling, wagging our tails, and making some happy noise.

So, make a little happy noise–tell people about the progress their donations made possible–and then ask, ask, ask.

People will take notice. They will give. And heck, they might even get you a new doggie blanket.



P.S. Please email me some bacon.

Doug the Pug’s Fundraising Snacks: Send a “Please support me” email blast on Friday.

RUFF! My human friend, J.R. Burwell, tells you why Fridays are the best day to send a request (and not just nap until noon):

“Send it first thing on a Friday morning (PAYDAY) and then follow it up with another the following Friday. Wait a couple of weeks and then repeat the process. Many people will respond to the very first email but others may need a few reminders before they donate.”

Thank you, J.R. I can’t wait to see your Ming the Merciless beard at Bike MS (and please bring plenty of treats. I heart treats.).