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Bike MS Rider Stories: “IT FELT LIKE SUCH UNITY AND SUCH A FORCE” > Meet Clarisa Walcott

by Helen Russon

What would you do if your toes went numb, the numbness spread to your waist, and your vision “was like trying to look through silty water”?

Those were some of Clarisa’s first MS symptoms.
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Bike MS Stories: Stacy & Juha

Whether you live with MS or are supporting a loved one/friend who does, these two stories are perfect examples of how to inspire deeper connections and fundraising. Please use them as a guide to tell your own story, or to craft a personal email or fundraising letter.
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My Personal Hurricane

By guest blogger, Nora Kb

Many people speak of being in and out of doctor’s offices for years before receiving an MS diagnosis. This, I suspect, can be frustrating and confusing. No answer can be more of a burden than uncertainty. I got my diagnosis in a more unconventional way, and more quickly than most.
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