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Weekly Walk MS Countdown – May 18

Hey Walk MS People!

We’re getting close to the finish line but still need your help to stomp MS. Read more…

Walk MS: “A Common Language”

By Helen Russon

In the last few weeks, I’ve had the joy of attending three Walk MS events. Each was wild and festive—full of music, crazy costumes, dogs, bubbles and balloons. Read more…

Danielle and the Zumbathon

by Helen Russon

To suddenly become blind in one eye would be frightening, to say the least. To have that last for a month would be downright terrifying. But Danielle took it in stride. When she was diagnosed with MS in 2008, she immediately got on medication and has not had any other symptoms since then.
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Stomp MS, Win Awesome Goodies: Walk MS 2016 Fundraising Clubs and Prizes

There’s still plenty of time to get a super cool Walk MS t-shirt (raise $100), join our annual League of Awesome event (raise $1000) or attend a private dinner with a leading MS researcher (raise $5000) and so much more.
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Deadline Saturday, June 13, 2015: Fundraising Rankings and Prizes

We’re almost to the Walk MS finish line! It’s your last chance to win cool stuff, join our Fundraising Clubs, and more.


If you know someone who’s ready to donate, have any outstanding gifts, or need to turn in donations, YOU MUST do so this week so they count towards your awesome 2015 tally. That way, you’ll be in the running for:

-Our Fundraising Clubs – which include your Walk 2016 bib number, the chance to join a private research dinner, t-shirts and more

-Our Fundraising Prizes – cool watches, shirts, Bluetooth speakers and more

-A chance for your entire team to win super cool Columbia backpacks – learn how in this 20-second video

-And that sweet electrical charge that flows through your body when you do something nice for others.
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Walk Story: Learning to Thrive While Raising Awareness and hope

By Nan Devlin

Merilee McDowell was just 22 years old when she began to experience numbness on her right side. Her balance was off, and she often felt sleepy and exhausted. For a normally energetic and active young woman, this was cause for concern, so she saw a doctor. The last thing she expected to hear was a tentative diagnosis of MS. Tentative, because in 1977, MS was harder to diagnose, and there was really no medication given other than prednisone, an immunosuppressant steroid.

“A lot of progress has been made since then,” said Merilee, who later was officially diagnosed and treated at Oregon Health and Science University in Portland by Dr. Roy Swank, a pioneer in MS research. “And it’s the main reason I am a supporter of Walk MS.”

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“Walk and Roll” to Stomp Out MS! Chapter Staff Profile with Walk Manager, Andrea K.

by Helen Russon & auGi

Want to join a big party to stomp MS?

…a family-friendly, 4-hour party packed with playful music, interactive exhibits, free food, tasty refreshments, a kid’s play zone, “selfie stations,” colorful costumes and so much more? And as if that wasn’t enough, every penny you invest goes to a meaningful cause.

If this sounds too good to be true, you need to meet Andrea Kofoed, the fun-loving Manager of Walk MS Oregon.

According to Andrea, thousands of Oregonians and SW Washingtonians will join Walk MS in 9 locations this April and May. All to show their love of the 8,100 who live with MS in our Chapter.
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Celebrating You: Our National Walk MS Team Captains

We are thanking YOU this week—celebrating all you and your Walk MS teammates do to help change lives for those living with MS. We are forever grateful for your tireless dedication.

You and your teammates joined over 5,000 participants in Oregon and SW Washington during the 2013 Walk MS season. Together, you raised over $490,000. Here are a few of the ways those funds make a difference.

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Gaining by Giving: An Oregon MS Chapter Volunteer Shares Her Story

By Annie Gainza, Bike MS intern

When I called Heidi to ask her if she’d be willing to do an interview, she answered with an enthusiastic, “Hey, Wendy!”

After explaining that I wasn’t Wendy (our volunteer coordinator), Heidi laughed and said, “Whenever the MS Society calls, I’m always sure it’s Wendy who needs a volunteer!”

And do we ever love volunteers like Heidi.

She began her volunteer journey with the MS Society shortly after her daughter was diagnosed at twenty-one—nearly seven years ago.

“Walk MS 2007 was my first event. That’s the only year I actually walked. Since then, I’ve [worked at] the first [Walk MS] rest stop. This year, I was in Pioneer Square to take donations on site.”

Heidi has volunteered her time for more than Walk MS events. “I’ve done Bike MS every year. My whole family has been involved. I usually can fill a rest stop or two with family and friends. I also have a brother-in-law who rides.”

Turning Hardship into Kinship

“A few years ago I actually spent the whole weekend working Bike MS. I had just been laid off from my job of twenty-two years and had the time. I think I worked about forty hours in three days and was exhausted at the end, but it was so worth it. I can truly say that was the most inspiring weekend ever—to talk to the riders and hear their stories was amazing.”

Heidi exemplifies the qualities of a great volunteer: Enthusiasm, caring and commitment.

“Volunteering is such a rewarding experience. I gain so much more than I give.”

We thank you, Heidi!

Experience the Joys of Volunteering August 2-4 at Bike MS
To learn about all the fun and rewarding opportunities, please contact:

Wendy Allison

Video: Learn How these Top Fundraisers in Portland and Vancouver Spark Donations