Meet Alison: “I Feel like I’m Making a Difference in Someone’s Life.”

By Helen Russon

You’re the Development/Marketing Administrator for the Chapter. What exactly does that mean?

My job has two parts. The “development” part means I help organize and participate in various events put on by the Chapter. The “marketing” part means that I put out the word about the event, both in person and through social media.

For example, in preparation for BIKE MS, I provided a lot of information on our blog. Then, during the ride itself, I did live postings on social media and also took photographs of cyclists at all stages of the ride. Read more…


Bike MS Stories: A Family Who Rides Together

Pictured: Taylor Madden completes Bike MS 2014 with his family by his side

By Alison Jelden

Taylor Madden—a top Bike MS fundraiser for the past three years—lives in Eugene, Oregon with his wife, Molly, and 3-year-old twin daughters, Greta and Eloise. Outside of work, the couple actively bike, hike and camp. We spoke with Taylor about his wife’s journey with MS and the lasting impression Bike MS has made on his family.
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Bike MS Stories: Riding For My Mother – Honoring Her Memory and Working for a Cure

Paul DeBruler has always loved riding bikes. As a kid, he was a typical reckless rider, bombing over curbs, ramps, and any other obstacles in the endless pursuit of more – more height on jumps, more speed, more fun. As an adult, Paul uses cycling a little differently – for one thing, it’s his main form of transportation to and from work, but for another, it’s a weapon against an insidious disease.
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Bike MS Stories: Bob Rides in Memory of His Wife

Pictured: Bob and his daughter, Jennifer, at Bike MS Willamette Valley 2015

Lifelong Partners Continue to Support One Another

By Alison Jelden

“The biggest thing to understand [about MS] is that people don’t like to be alone and there’s a lot of support pulling for them.” -Bob Hall

Bob Hall lives in Klamath Falls, Oregon where he loves the outdoors–cycling, camping and fishing. We spoke with him about his deep connection to MS, his investment in the MS community of Southern Oregon, and why Bike MS holds a special place in his heart.

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Bike MS Stories: Changing the World One Dollar at a Time

By Tommi Johnstone
Bike MS co-captain, Team Amulet
6th year at Bike MS Oregon

Just a few weeks ago, I was asked to share my MS story at Bike MS. I thought that was kinda funny, because when I first heard of the weekend cycling event way back in 2010, I had no connection whatsoever to multiple sclerosis (MS). I sort of knew what MS was, but had never met anyone who lived with the disease. I just thought Bike MS sounded like a cool ride, and I liked the idea of camping overnight and experiencing a summer break with a new community. It never crossed my mind that I’d participate in Bike MS more than once.

That all changed the day I met Kevin Byrne.
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Bike MS: Cool Riding in Hot Weather

A lot of folks have asked us, “Are we still riding even though the weather dudes are forecasting 100 degrees?”

ABSOLUTELY! And here’s how we’ll help you (and how you can help yourself) keep rolling in the heat. Read more…


Bike MS: New Route Markers & Signage for 2015

Route Marking at Bike MS

All routes will be marked with orange laminated signs with a large arrow on them. Examples of the signage will be at the start line.

Along the route, each turn is marked:

  • In Advance: The arrow signs will be posted along the route in advance of each turn (the more difficult a turn, the more signs)
  • At the Turn: An arrow at the turn
  • After the Turn: An arrow following the turn indicating you are on the route

Plus, in between turns we periodically place arrows at road crossings and other intersections to give you the confidence that you’re still on the route (always a good thing).

Route S​plits

We take special care to make sure you choose the correct route while riding. Look for these three signs posted on A-frames:

  2. CHOOSE YOUR ROUTE – Each sign indicates route distance, plus a directional arrow for which way to go.
  3. YOU ARE ON (Insert Route) – This sign will confirm which route you have selected.

Note: We do close routes so everyone can finish on time. Signs will be posted at splits indicating if a route has closed, and which direction to head to the finish.

All routes use the same color arrows, so once you pass a split or rejoin a shorter route, just follow your color.

Day 1 vs Day 2 Route Markings

The same route arrows are used for both days of the event. We’ll remove any overlapping signs. When you start on Day 2, simply follow the same signs for the route and at route splits.


It’s gonna be a FANTASTIC ride! See you this weekend.

Pedal on,

Amy Harris


Bike MS: Everything You Need to Know for Event Weekend & New Ride Guide

Bike MS kicks off this Friday at 5:00 pm! To make sure you’ve got everything covered, please grab our new Ride Guide.

The Ride Guide includes information such as:

  • Bike MS weekend schedule
  • Driving directions
  • Route information
  • Accommodations
  • Rider Village and campus maps
  • Weekend entertainment
  • Family food & beverage info
  • And a whole lot more

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Our Bike MS fundraising goal this year is $727,000. We’re moving towards our goal, but the only way we’ll blast through it (and PUMMEL MS!) is by raising dollars to find a cure.

If you’re already blowing through your goal, ROCK ON! 

If you’re still working or need a little help to fundraise (or hit your $250 minimum, which is required to ride on event weekend), try this out:

Tell your FB friends why you’re riding, rolling, volunteering, or supporting from afar. Include a pic of the person you’re riding for (even if it’s you), and add your Bike MS Personal Page URL so people can quickly make donations online. The more personal your post, the more friends will want to help. Read more…


Bike MS Safety Tips

As a participant in the Bike MS Willamette Valley, you not only represent yourself and your team, but the National MS Society and the cycling community as well. Please remember bike safety by reviewing these safety resources.

Questions about safety? Give me a shout.

Amy Harris
Bike MS Manager