How to Rock Your Fundraising Like the Pros

We know asking for donations can be tough. But it doesn’t have to be. Try these tips from some of our most successful fundraisers.

Keep in mind…every dollar raised leads us one step closer to a cure. That’s why we all Walk MS.

Most Popular Fundraising Posts

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Boost Fundraising by Sharing Your Connection to MS

What inspires all of us to raise funds for those living with MS? Because it’s the only way we can fund research to find a cure. Still, we know asking for donations isn’t easy for everyone. The good news? There are ways to make it easier. Here’s one…

Over the years, we’ve learned that participants who update their Walk MS personal page (a free web page that all Walk MS participants can easily update after registering) raise 3x more funds.

One common denominator amongst these top performers? Every one of them adds a story about their connection to MS. When our friends, family and co-workers know why we’re asking, they have a far more compelling reason to give.

Here are 3 great examples to guide your own personal page.

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Know Someone Who Doesn’t Wanna Walk? No Problem. Join Our Walk MS Volunteer Army!

Do you have any friends or family members who want to participate in Walk MS, but don’t feel like walking? No problem. We’ve got a handful of super easy, fun and important Volunteer spots open.

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Celebrate 30 Years of Bike MS Oregon by Saving 30%: The 30/30/30 Events at Western Bikeworks

Get fitted, gear up, and get rolling during three special events at our premier bike shop sponsor, Western Bikeworks. Registered Bike MS riders will enjoy a 30% discount on select merchandise, along with happy hour prices in the café. Join us!

Get Fitted for the Perfect Ride
Wednesday, April 30
5:00 – 7:00 pm

Western Bikeworks is excited to welcome Bike MS riders to enjoy a demonstration of their new Guru Dynamic Fit Unit. Come and learn why there’s so much hype about this new fitting technology. It’s a robot! It’s a machine. It’s a computer that turns you into a stick figure, measures your power output, and pedal stroke efficiency. Registered Bike MS riders enjoy 30% off retail price in the store (this evening only). Save 50% on fittings booked tonight, too.

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Show Your Orange in a Different Way: Volunteer for Walk MS

Do you…

a. Enjoy hanging out with nice people?
b. Have a few hours to spare on a Sat or Sun?
c. Want to participate in Walk MS w/o walking?
d. LOVE the National MS Society?

Here’s your chance to give back and show your orange for those who live with MS.

Volunteer for our Walk MS Army. It’s easy. It’s fun. It’s meaningful.

To learn more and sign up, please contact:

Wendy Allison

See Volunteer Positions:


How Did a 9-Year Old Super Kid Raise Over $20,000 for Walk MS?

Over the past six years Claire Sarnowski, whose mother lives with MS, has raised over $20,000 for Walk MS Oregon. And it makes absolute sense. Claire is compelled by both a desire to find a cure for her mom and, as she told us, “I don’t want anybody from my generation—or my kid’s generation—to hear the words ‘You have MS.’”

So, how has she raised so much for the National MS Society?

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Walk on Capitol Hill: Get your Orange On!

By guest blogger, Helen Russin

I think we would all agree that the mood in Washington, D.C. is not the best. But that changed this March when we draped it in orange.

More than 300 MS Activists from across the country traveled to The Hill for the 23rd National MS Society Public Policy Conference. I was fortunate enough to be among them, courtesy of the Oregon chapter.

The purpose of the conference was to tell (and show) our representatives who we are, and to advocate for more funding—funding that will lead to discoveries to help us manage (and eventually eradicate) MS.

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Walk MS Wednesday: Andrea’s #1 Facebook Fundraising Tip of the Week

Though now I’m the Walk MS Manager, I’m also an avid participant. And I L-O-V-E to rally my friends to the cause.

When I started to raise funds last year, my goal was $200. By the end, I raised over $900. And I did it almost entirely through Facebook. How did I do it?

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Walk MS Fundraising Secrets: Making Every Day on the Calendar Count

by guest writer, Nan Devlin

Tammy Conrad was living in Kansas in 1996, the year she was diagnosed with MS. Although she and her family moved to Vancouver, Washington several years ago, her Kansas connections still play a big role in her Walk MS fundraising efforts right here in the Northwest.

For the last six years, Tammy and her team of family, friends and business colleagues have participated in Vancouver’s Walk MS event. Her personal fundraising goal is $2,000 while her team consistently pulls in $5,000 every year. What’s her secret?

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"I have had more success with hard-copy mailing a request for donations to people rather than social media or e-mail. It may be that my main supporters are my parents age, so a tangible request in their hand seems to resonate more than an electronic request.

Rebecca S.