2015 National MS Society Scholarship Recipient: Madison Mulhauser

A Mother-Daughter Bond Launches a Career in Nutrition

By Alison Jelden

Madison “Maddy” Mulhauser is a triple threat: employee, student and dedicated daughter. Maddy juggles two jobs while being a full-time student at Clark College in Vancouver, Washington. At home, she whips up meal plans, creates shopping lists and cleans the house for her mother, Kari, who was diagnosed with MS five years ago.

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2015 National MS Society Scholarship Recipient: Lindsey Lambert

A Mother’s MS Treatment Inspires a Daughter’s Career Path

By Emily Dings

During the fall semester of Lindsey Lambert’s freshman year at the University of Oregon, her mother, Beth Smith, was diagnosed with MS. “My parents didn’t want to worry me during finals week,” she says, so they waited until after her last exam to deliver the news.

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Red Hill  Southwind

“She Heals” Others as well as Herself – Meet Cathy Hill

By Helen Russon

When Cathy Hill’s neurologist told her that her nursing days were over, she was a little surprised. “No one can tell me when to end my career,” she said to herself. This was despite the fact that her neurologist had also just told her that she had MS.

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Natalie LeMoss Pic

2015 National MS Society Scholarship Recipient: Natalie LeMoss

A Mother’s MS Inspires Her Daughter to Become a General Practitioner

By Alison Jelden

When Natalie LeMoss was just nine years old, her mother, Kami LeMoss, was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. The doctors caught the disease early in its progression, and from Natalie’s perspective, her mother seemed fine. Little did Natalie know, MS would impact her family’s life in a major way.

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Janis Head Shot

Meet Janis Kramer, Our New Community Engagement Manager!

I’m Janis – your new Community Engagement Manager and the person filling Wendy’s shoes.

I had the pleasure of working with Wendy during my internship here at the Oregon Chapter, so I know how much she meant to you, because she meant a lot to me, too. Now that I’m in Wendy’s role, I am so thrilled to meet and get to know you.

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Coping with Stress and MS

By Helen Russon

Managing stress is a challenge that everyone must face, but it gets more complicated for those of us with MS. That’s what we talked about at our last meeting of the Providence MS Support Group.

It’s easy, if we feel a tightness in our limbs or a tingling in our fingers, to immediately believe it’s a symptom of MS – possibly the beginning of another exacerbation. There is of course no way to know for sure, and the not knowing – you guessed it – can lead to even more stress!

How to break the stress cycle? Our group discussed an article published by MS Focus that had some great suggestions, including:

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Only 4 Days to Crush MS!

We’re just 4 days away from closing out Bike MS season and changing the world for everyone who lives with MS. Will you help us sprint to the finish? Read more…


2015 Summer Saturday Series – Meditation: Help in Living Well with MS

Types of Meditation Can Help You Live & Breathe Mindfulness to Relieve MS Symptoms

By Jonathan Brinckman

This session, described as a chance to learn strategies for incorporating meditation into your life, was sponsored by the Oregon Chapter of the National MS Society and taught by Abby Layton, a retired mental health counselor who teaches meditation in Portland and lives with MS. She leads several meditation groups and an MS meditation support group. Read more…


Bike MS Stories: Why I Will Never Quit

By Kevin Byrne

Every day, we all face the threat of never.

Personally, I struggle with my own worries that I will never again realize the function I’ve lost in my hands, arms, legs and throughout my body. Others fear that they will never again see the man they once knew as daddy, husband or friend. We all face a future where I will never be as strong as I was yesterday, waking every succeeding day only to face a repeating pattern of decline.

But never is also a saving grace, giving me the courage I need to face this threat day after day.
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How Bike MS Transformed My Career into a Passion

By Amy Harris, Bike MS Manager

When I first applied for the position as Bike MS Manager, I didn’t have a personal connection to MS. In fact, I knew very little about multiple sclerosis. It was something I knew about in passing, but was never on my radar.

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