Join the Fight with Ann

Meet Ann Griffin, 46.

She’s a Community Consultant, a fan of Arrested Development and loves mashed potatoes. In addition, she’s joining us again at Bike MS Willamette Valley for a very powerful reason:

“I am healthy because of the people who have worked in the past to fight MS—to find a cure and to help those with the disease. This is my small way to help and to be a part of the fight.”

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One day. Eleven Burgervilles. Two best friends on a mission.

By Matt Wastradowski

It all started when my best friend Dusty suggested we ride our bikes to every Burgerville in Clark County, Wash., in one day. We both love the regional fast-food chain more than two people probably should; we respect the chain’s commitment to its employees, sustainability efforts, regional focus, and high-quality food. So, after months of joking about it, we decided to make the Tour de BV a reality – and partner with Burgerville in a fundraiser for the Oregon and Southwest Washington chapter of the National MS Society.

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“I Want a Red Schwinn, Dad!” Fundraising Contest for Bike MS


What better way to celebrate our 30th anniversary then go WAY back in time—when we were too young to afford our own bicycle and had to beg our parents to buy us one.

Do you remember?

Our Chapter’s Marketing Director, auGi, sure does.

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1. Update Your Personal Web Page

We’ll help you craft a short, compelling paragraph that talks about your connection to Bike MS, why you’re riding, and even select the perfect photo to compliment your story. We’re also happy to take whatever content you have and build the page on your behalf.

To access your personal page, login to bikeMSoregon.com and visit your Participant Center.

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Meet the Real Riders of Bike MS


Meet more of our Real Riders.

Bike MS Fundraising Example: Share Your Connection on Facebook

by auGi Garred, Marketing Director for the Nat’l MS Society, Oregon Chapter

Like a lot of folks, I’m super busy and procrastinate fundraising for Bike MS till the last couple of weeks before the event. This year, I kickstarted my efforts with this Facebook post. In 24 hours, it helped generate over $400. Hopefully, my story — or should I say, my Mom’s story — will inspire your own Facebook post. 


This photo sits on my iMac’s desktop. When I’m feeling stressed out, tired, sad or just need a kick in the pants, I open it up.

Mom lived with MS for 34 years. She lost her ability to walk by the time she was 45. I’m 48 now, and feel damn lucky that I can get around. That’s why I work for the Nat’l MS Society, and also do my best to raise funds through events like Bike MS.

Will you join me?

My goal is a mere $750. Your donation is tax-deductible. More importantly, it funds research vital to find a cause and a cure for multiple sclerosis. I wish that would’ve happened when my Mom was alive, but I know it’s possible during my lifetime to help others just like her.

Thank you for your kindness and consideration.

Donate here in memory of my Mom:

<Link to auGi’s personal Bike MS page excluded>

Note: When posting to Facebook, adding a photo of the person you’re supporting (even if it’s yourself) adds punch. Also make sure to include the link to your Bike MS personal page, accessed via your Participant Center. For help, visit this page.


Bike MS & Western Bikeworks: One Fine Mashup

by guest blogger, Maria Schur

Everyone’s familiar with the concept of the mash-up, right? Combining two good things often leads to one great thing – think chocolate and peanut butter. Well, we tested that theory this past Saturday by combining the monthly Western Bikeworks ride and the Bike MS training ride into one fabulous day.

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OHSU Conference

The Latest OHSU Seminar: A Morning of Education and Enrichment

By Helen Russon

Seeing people enter the hotel with wheelchairs, scooters and canes, I knew I was at the right place: the “Multiple Sclerosis 2014, At the Frontier and Beyond” seminar, presented last Saturday by the Oregon Health & Science University MS Center and Department of Neurology (in partnership with the National Multiple Sclerosis Society and the MS Veterans Affairs Centers of Excellence).

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Amy’s Bike MS Tip of the Week for the 4th of July

In this post:

  • Amy’s Bike MS Tip of the Week: Turning BBQ’s into Bike MS Goodness
  • Wanna track your Bike MS progress on your phone?
  • Fundraising Clubs contest winners


One of our team captains shared this idea, so I just had to pass it on. “Most people at Fourth of July parties are in a laid-back, festive mood. Which makes it a perfect time to invite folks to join your team (hey, Bike MS is also a party, right?).”

I totally agree. And don’t forget, you’ll get a $20 Western Bikeworks gift certificate for every new team member you register (who hits their $250 fundraising minimum).

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Why You Should Get a Bike Fitting

By Jason Soejoto

My name is Jason Soejoto and I am a Bike Fitter at Western Bikeworks.

I wasn’t blessed with natural athletic talents. I have always had poor flexibility, bad posture, and a tendency to eat a lot of cookies.

Getting into cycling, I rode bikes that were too big or too small; saddle heights too tall and too short. My knees were always on fire, my hands and feet numb, and my low back frozen with stiffness.

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